Mountain bikers in a Winter Wonderland

With the overnight temperature below freezing, the road rides were cancelled but the mountain bikers rubbed their hands, maybe to keep them warm or perhaps in eager anticipation of the winter splendour they would find in the Surrey Hills!

Freezing fog had filled the valleys but as we climbed up to the higher parts of Leith Hill and Holmbury Hill we found that tiny particles of ice had formed on the ferns, pine needles and leaves, and as we reached the top of the hill we burst out of the cloud into sunshine and it was truly a winter wonderland.

Another benefit of mountain biking in the winter is that the mud was frozen, giving us unexpectedly fast and dry trails, at least until the sun rose high enough to soften the ground. An exceptional morning's riding for the few brave souls who ventured out.

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20231202 MTB Winter wonderland
20231202 MTB Winter wonderland