Newcomers' Guide

Redhill CC was founded in 1945. We are a large club and our members take part in many different cycling challenges at a range of levels from social riding to competitive racing, time-trials and endurance events, both off-road and on-road. We are not a club for absolute beginners but can try to put you in touch with other forums who may be able to help you. For kids, there is the Redhill Raiders, our own junior cycle squad which includes fortnightly coaching sessions. As a guide, if you are not comfortable with a road ride of at least 20 miles or an off-road ride of 10 miles in one go, you should consider building your fitness and experience first before riding with a club. Redhill is one of the most open and diverse clubs in the country but the clue is in the name: we are a cycling club!

Where do we cycle?

Most of our regular cycling takes place during weekend mornings (and Summer evenings!) on the trails, roads and lanes of southern Surrey, Kent and Sussex. However, RCC members also take part in events around the UK and the world .  Our off-road groups meet at weekends (plus weekday evenings in the Spring & Summer) and ride the woods and trails across Surrey and beyond. We also organise sociable cycling trips all over the UK and three or four times a year in Europe.

Riding out with a cycling club...

Is different from cycling on your own in many ways - most of them positive! However, the main difference is that members ride in groups. This has implications for safety - and what we expect of those riding with us for their own safety and that of fellow riders. Also, our riders each has their own expectations of our rides and want those to be shared with people of a similar ability and fitness. So whether the ultimate goal is a major charity ride, a time trial, a race or just building fitness it is important that a whole group is evenly matched.


For road riders, unless you are an established club rider or racer (ie usually moving from another club), you can join one of our rides and see how you get on. When riding with a group, safety is paramount so coming out with us will give you a chance to understand about the etiquette, conventions and expectations of group riding. Where possible - or if you'd prefer - we can arrange an appropriate buddy for you in your early rides. 


If you are keen to join one of our Introductory road rides with Redhill Cycling Club, please start with the checklist below: 

Do you have a decent bike in good working order that you ride regularly?  

Can you ride it for 90 minutes in one stretch comfortably?


Are you free of any health issues that prevent you from doing prolonged exercise?


Do you understand that you will be riding in a group and MUST obey the etiquette of that group (eg. Not riding off ahead or trying to change the pace of the group to suit you)? 


Can you change an inner tube on a bike after a puncture without assistance if necessary?


Are you prepared to abide by Redhill CC standards of conduct, the law and the Highway Code to help you ride safely and sociably?

Have you read and understood the following pages on our website?
(For Off-Road Riders) OFF-ROAD SAFETY?


If you can't answer 'yes' to all of the statements above, then joining a cycling club is probably not right for you at the moment. If you can, then please get in touch via our Contact Page. Please do NOT turn up as a Newcomer without a helmet, you will be riding within a group and with a ride leader who won't know you or your abilities. If you are not used to group riding, this is the time you need a lid! We also ask ALL riders to carry an ICE card ("in case of emergency" with contact details for family or friends in the event of an accident).

Why Redhill CC?

We were founded in 1945. We have close to 300 members ranging from high-end racers and time-triallists to vastly experienced social riders. We arrange 100s of rides a year and know the best routes in the South of England for cycling. We have social events, foreign trips and membership offers various discounts at local bike shops. You also get access to the famous RCC forum!

How do I actually join?

Please see the procedure above. All new members will need to request a membership application form and send this  to the general/membership secretary Frank Grainger with payment. Our subs are £25 a year for senior members and £35 for family membership  (covering all members of one immediate family.  Junior membership is £10 per year. A form will be sent to you once you've completed the introductory procedure. 

If you wish to join as a purely social member (ie if you have ridden in the past but now hung your cleats up or perhaps have an injury that prevents you from riding or just wish to help out) then simply contact Frank Grainger for a chat via the Committee page.


Your safety is of paramount importance when you ride with Redhill Cycling Club. Please start by reading the information in the links in the table above. We have a full risk assessment (available on request) covering the wider range of risks and risk factors that we've considered. We also have guidelines for riders but we expect every rider turning up on any ride to take responsibility for knowing what will be expected of them by the law and when riding with a club. 

Cycling is NOT a dangerous sport but it can be dangerous if you do not behave appropriately - especially when riding in groups.