We've lost Basil but Kingdom rules!

We thought we had lost another tea stop when Basil Foods announced it was closing its cafe in the converted barn near Penshurst. But KIngdom, who run the site, have moved the catering facilites to the upper level and continue to offer refeshment. A big bonus, they are now open all week. On a sunny day, as it was last Saturday, there are stunning views across the Weald. It is a short but steep climb (hitting 19%) to reach the site but well worth the brief effort.

The Nut Cracker Ride!!!

It started Friday evening; I was just starting my second bottle of wine, as is my standard pre-Redhill ride preparation, when I got a message from the scheduled ride leader, Duncan, asking if I could lead the ride tomorrow. His car would not start, which was typical bad timing as he was just about to exchange it for a new one.