Redhill CC AGM

Redhill CCs AGM will be held on the 11th November at the Reigate and Redhill Golf Club, starting at 7.30.

The existing committee will stand down and a new one will be elected. Refreshments provided after the event.

An agenda wil be sent out nearer the time.

Mince Pie Run

The annual Mince Pie Run to Tanhouse will again be held this year. We'll start from the drome as usual and meet at Tanhouse between 11am and 12noon for pies and a glass of mulled wine. 

Return to Reigate

It'd been a while since I'd lead a ride and a while since we'd started at Reigate Hill, so it seemed about time. A smallish group meant we made good time on the trails through Walton and Headley, with the drier-than-might-have-been-expected conditions something of a relief. We were suffiiciently early to detour down White Honky, running particularly nicely albeit paid for with the winch up Minty's. Viet Cong and we were over to Norbury, through Druids Grove, absolutely brutal climb and all, then nipping up to squeeze in View to a Kill. Suddenly, alarmingly, it was time for tea.

Elephants and all that jazz

At the Drome, we decided on a new route and tea stop. I led from my usual position (aka WW! general, well behind thr front). Charl and Roger waited for me at regular intervals as I was the one that knew the route. From Turners Hill, through Ardingley to Lindifield we overlapped a London to Brighton Charity Ride; overtaking lots of overweight cyclists did my morale a world of good. Through Mascalls and along Ketches Lane took us to our detination on the jumction with A275.

Redhill MTB TT

6 of us descended on Holmbury again for the Redhill MTB TT loop.  4 regulars, but also Mark (a newbie from week before) and Jordan (newbie this week).  I was really worried that I would lose them somewhere and neither are regulars to the trails!  That wouldn't go down well with the Redhill MTB CC bosses!