RCC Annual General Meeting

The Club's Annual General meeting where Committee posts (including Chairman this year) are elected or re-elected. Plus a chance to hear reviews from each of the secretaries of the club of the year just gone.  Venue: First Floor, Bristow Building Redhill Aerodrome (first office on the left hand side as you enter the aerodrome).

Experienced Frensham Ponds with Big Daddy and company

This week we are heading of to an area we haven’t been to recently with. Big Daddy at the front.

Andrew (Big Daddy) will be accompanied at the front by Elliot who might be able to help out with a little route fine tuning.

Expect a good paced ride with a tea stop along the way.

Beware Height Restriction



Mince Pie Ride with Gwyn

In the years I’ve been with the club there are two things I’ve come to rely on. 1/You are going to get Muddy and 2/ Gwyn will make it his quest to get you to the mince pies whatever the weather!

This year Gwyn will be leaving the parking area at Flanchard road and heading over to the tea rooms at Tanhouse Farm where the club has kindly laid on the mince pies.

Yes you have read this right, free mince pies and a valid reason to ride with your cycling buddies on a Sunday as well as Saturday. What’s not to like.

Experienced Day trip to Cwmcarn with Lee T

This week week we are in for a treat as Lee has decided to take us across the bridge to Cymcarn.

Cwmcarn offers some great trails and some stunning scenery. We will probably start the day with one of the challenging climbs to the top and then make our way down for tea at the bike shop/cafe.

In the afternoon Lee will probably have a plan which could possibly take in the uplift service at some point!

You will need £3 for the carpark.