Dom takes 3rd at Denbies
Featured Reports: Denbies Duels
Peel and Henton triumph in 2014 finale, Miles better than last year
Featured Reports: RCC Club TT - Week 17
Hitting 70 in style
Featured Reports: RCC Club TT - Week 8
All category win at the Addiscombe interclub
Featured Reports: Interclub Time Trial vs Addiscombe
Ladies Day at Horne
Featured Reports: RCC Club TT - Week 2

Recent Reports

Sat 22 Nov
MTB-Intermediate Milton Heath 22/11
It was a soft focus day last Saturday and the ride one of nostalgia for me as we tackled trails I haven't visited for ages.   Nine started from...
Sat 22 Nov
Road Rides 22-11-14
Seven of us set off in the drizzle at the ‘Drome and determinedly headed west into the gloom and the weather front in a resigned “well we’re going to...
Sun 16 Nov
Sunday Steady 16-11-2014
As mixed a bunch as you could ever wish for set sail for an easy thirty odd miles to the Lightbox Arts and Cultural centre alongside the Basingstoke...
Sat 8 Nov
MTB-Downhill Day at Rogate/Stoughton
The mountain bike rides were fractured today- Gwyn had a group riding from Bletchingly but Lee, always keen to shoulder the burden of improving our...
Sat 1 Nov
MTB-Intermediate Warlingham 01/11
17 riders turned out for what was marked as an intermediate ride and at a pace that would suite the group!
Sun 19 Oct
Redmon GP des Gentlemen 19-10-14
Redhill CC at the Redmon CC GP des Gentlemen. Alan writes:-   The Redmon CC GP des Gentlemen’s TT is an interesting event, a 2up Team Time Trial...
Sat 25 Oct
MTB-Intermediate Milton Heath 25/10
In perfect weather conditions the last intermediate ride of October was wild indeed! Starting with a snarl of brambles to catch bare ankles, the tone...
Sat 18 Oct
MTB-intermediate Reigate Hill 18/10
We went from Reigate Hill via Headley & Stane street to the Tattenham corner cafe. Extra caution was needed with many horses about and some...
Wed 1 Oct
Marseille to Reigate
    There has been lots of talk on the Forum recently about Bucket Lists.  C2C rides, 12 hour TTs etc. etc. are mentioned,  but...
Sat 11 Oct
Road Rides 11-10-14
Now, there’s to be no mention of the weather and weather forecasting and all that stuff in this report!  Six folk put their hands up for the G2...
Sun 5 Oct
Cycling Nuts
Cat's been dipping her toe into the racing scene this season so, having nagged her, she has finally got around to providing  a write up for the...
Sun 21 Sep
Crawley Late Summer Triathlon
Writing reports of one’s own events is a very strange task - but I have promised an update, so here we go...    Towards the end of the...
Sun 5 Oct
Denbies Duels
On an incredible misty autumnal morning in the Surrey Hills, 60 riders turned up for the second RCC/DCC hosted elimination hill climb event, Denbies...
Sun 28 Sep
Hever Castle Half Iron distance Triathlon
Simon Baldwin recently raced the Hever castle Half Iron Distance race. Report follows...   It always make me smile that event organisers call a...
Sun 28 Sep
Hever Castle Sprint Triathlon Sept 2014
Many of you will know Nick Davy from his consistently strong time trial performances in the Redhill series over recent years. Here is is honest...
Sat 4 Oct
MTB-Experienced Kenley 04/10
11 riders met up at Kenley Station hoping the weather men had got it wrong! Only time would tell. Good to see Rob back from a long absence completing...
Sat 27 Sep
MTB-Experienced Holmwood 27/09
After being bailed out of trouble by Colin with the generous loan of his Giant Anthem 29er, we headed out across Holmwood Common to start our hunt...
Sat 27 Sep
Road Rides 27-09-14
Four G2 stalwarts took the option of my slightly quicker G2 on a slightly autumnal morning at the 'Drome. A less than obvious route was promised in...
Sun 28 Sep
Sunday Steady 28-09-2014
Five of us set off from the Drome in the sharp air of a typical Indian summer. I did wonder if some riders had been put off by our Chair's...
Sat 27 Sep
Road Rides 27-09-14
You know those mornings when you get on the bike and it appears to pedal itself... every drag is effortless, every hill a breeze and the flat...

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