Quality field lights up 70th Anniversary Sporting...
Featured Reports: RCC 70th Anniversary Sporting 18 Time Trial
Dom takes 3rd at Denbies
Featured Reports: Denbies Duels
Peel and Henton triumph in 2014 finale, Miles...
Featured Reports: RCC Club TT - Week 17
Hitting 70 in style
Featured Reports: RCC Club TT - Week 8
All category win at the Addiscombe interclub
Featured Reports: Interclub Time Trial vs Addiscombe

Recent Reports

Sat 21 Feb
Road Rides 21-02-15
It was all 'rides off', 'rides on', 'rides off' on Saturday morning. A freak dump of snow at 8am made a cancellation look likely but by 9am the...
Sun 15 Feb
Sunday Steady 15-02-2015
After an absence from club runs for several years, Billy Weir led six other members southwards through the Ashdown Forest to Cinder’s Café in Isfield...
Sun 15 Feb
RCC 70th Anniversary Sporting 18 Time Trial
In previous years, this event has been dogged by weather and ice in particular, so it was wonderful that in Redhill's 70th anniversary year a cool,...
Sat 7 Feb
MTB-Experienced Reigate Hill 07/02
  There were 19 eager faces to greet me in the Reigate Hill car park.  After persuading Phil C that it was far better to jam his broken...
Sat 7 Feb
RCC 2014 Awards Evening
A fabulous, glittering evening at Bletchingley Golf Club saw RCC's annual award winners across the spectrum of riders from G1 to 100 mile...
Sun 25 Jan
Sunday Steady 25-01-2014
It was -2½ºC at 09:00 and following Saturday's G5 shocker (we wish you a speedy recovery, Peter) the only reasonable prospect of a safe ride was...
Sat 24 Jan
Road Rides 24-01-15
It’s great riding on a bright sunny winter’s day: the light is good, the sunshine a welcome bonus and the views uninterrupted by foliage on the...
Sat 24 Jan
MTB Experienced - Rykas
...was not how anyone chose to describe the trail conditions this morning, but if they had, it wouldn't have been inaccurate. By the time we'd made...
Thu 15 Jan
2015 Turbo Session #2
...Cometh the committed! Perhaps the Turbo sessions are the poor cousin this year with the delights of the Club Watt bike events going on in tandem...
Sat 10 Jan
The Dene
Wending our way through the wind.   Numbers were down to about 25 today, just three joining me for an easy ride with a hill or two included. In...
Sat 3 Jan
MTB-Experienced Newlands Corner 03/01
After getting up and seeing a monsoon outside I was considering putting on my wetsuit instead of my mountain bike top. I was amazed to see 9 riders...
Sun 28 Dec
Sunday Steady 28-12-2014
Having hummed and hawed at the Drome in a crisp 1ºC with brilliant sunshine we intrepid RCC eight headed south on the hopefully gritted B roads for...
Sat 13 Dec
MTB Experienced - Rykas
Slippery trails were promised and slippery trails were certainly delivered- the relatively dry, cold weather in the run up to Saturday if anything...
Sat 13 Dec
Road Rides 13-12-14
Charles decided not to join us because of the marginal weather and I wouldn’t have bothered had I not promised Walter a ride to Bushy Park.
Sat 6 Dec
Road Rides 06-12-14 - CANCELLEF
As you can see we were definitely (!) missing you.     Disappointingly, after a carefully planned delayed start which had allowed the sun...
Sat 29 Nov
Road Rides 29-11-14
Of course you do Richard.  You’ve just ridden 23 miles and that nasty second group ride leader took you up a big hill, when an easy ride was...
Sat 22 Nov
MTB Experienced - Gomshall 22/11
  Not a lot being reported from the Mountain Bike community over the last few weeks. We’ve been busy.   I cast my mind back to the last...
Sat 22 Nov
MTB-Intermediate Milton Heath 22/11
It was a soft focus day last Saturday and the ride one of nostalgia for me as we tackled trails I haven't visited for ages.   Nine started from...
Sat 22 Nov
Road Rides 22-11-14
Seven of us set off in the drizzle at the ‘Drome and determinedly headed west into the gloom and the weather front in a resigned “well we’re going to...
Sun 16 Nov
Sunday Steady 16-11-2014
As mixed a bunch as you could ever wish for set sail for an easy thirty odd miles to the Lightbox Arts and Cultural centre alongside the Basingstoke...

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RT @RGSweather: This system emerging out of the Gulf to bring wet windy wx to UK this weekend; fast track on powerful jetstream http://t.co…
Due to sub zero o/night temps and so high ice risk, the RCC Sunday steady is cancelled today.
Latest news: some leaders will gather for a review and potential 9.30 start so if still keen, you can head to the Drome.
In others news, for anyone not working next week, Box Hill is closed to all traffic inc cyclists on Tues for tree felling. Avoid!
RT @lea_keith: So much for a group ride this morning. It's snowing. Not just a bit of sleet, proper big, fat flakes.

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