Austrian Delights
Featured Reports: Salzkammergut Trophy 2016
Final race, full house.
Featured Reports: RCC 2016 TT Series #17
Bethany takes sixth for GB as 14 countries race...
Featured Reports: 8th European Deaf Road Cycling Championships
Win and PB for Matt at Sporting 14
Featured Reports: Redhill CC Sporting 14 TT - GS/189
Max-imum Power on 16th Birthday
Featured Reports: RCC 2016 TT series #7

Recent Reports

Sun 18 Sep
Sunday Steady 18-09-2016
I had volunteered to take the advertised leader's, Adrian W, place as his back had seized up; hence the disappointed expressions on the 6 faces...
Sat 10 Sep
Road Rides 10-09-16
Most riders must have been deterred by the prospect of heavy rain later in the morning, as only 15 or so turned up looking for a ride. The offer of a...
Sun 4 Sep
Sunday Steady 04-09-2016
When I expressed my concern about keeping up with the group, Dave Gill assured me that he intended to lead a 'steady' ride. With a brisk...
Sat 9 Jul
Salzkammergut Trophy 2016
This year saw us continue our yearly Alpine adventures and tackle one of the most difficult marathon mountain bike races in the world.  
Sat 20 Aug
Grand Raid 2016
  For the second time myself and Julian decided to race at the iconic Grand Raid event, one of the oldest and toughest mountain bike races in...
Wed 31 Aug
RCC 2016 TT Series #17
A full house for the final TT of the summer series, and an 'ad-hoc' inter-club against Norwood Paragon.    Foreboding dark clouds passed...
Wed 24 Aug
RCC 2016 TT Series #16
The weather was close, as was the winning time to the course record, in the penultimate round of Redhill CC's 2016 Time Trial Series.  
Sun 21 Aug
8th European Deaf Road Cycling Championships
Redhill CC’s Bethany Brookes and Nicholas Mugridge, who some of the G6 riders will know as a guest rider, both attended the 8th European Deaf...
Sat 13 Aug
Road Rides 13-08-16
On the weekend of the Mtb Brighton Big Dog us roadies decided on our very own, ahem, little dog. 10 of us set off from the drome at 8:30ish, Wozza...
Wed 10 Aug
RCC 2016 TT Series #14
It was a beautiful evening - warm, still, inviting - and a dozen lucky riders got to do three laps of Horne in search of late season glories. While...
Sun 7 Aug
Sunday Steady 07-08-2016
Ten of us gathered at the Drome, including 3 guest riders and one newcomer, Roger. Roger was worried that he would find the pace too much. I assured...
Wed 3 Aug
RCC 2016 TT Series #13
Matt Peel took first place on a blustery night.  
Sat 23 Jul
MTB- Intermediate Wotton Hatch 2307
Eight people gathered in wootton hatch car park and the first thing they said was 'where's Mike?'. The answer, nursing a cold. So the ride leader had...
Wed 6 Jul
RCC 2016 TT Series #10
Good turnout this week and another flyer from Keith Lea but with Matt Peel not far behind. Great improvement from Graham Brash to take first place in...
Sat 2 Jul
Road Rides 02-07-16
  Live is full of surprises, but it's always nice to get a couple of pleasant ones.   While collecting together the usual G2ers, I was...
Wed 6 Jul
RCC 2016 TT Series #10
Nicer weather meant a significantly larger turnout than previous week. A good effort from Matt Peel to take the scratch and a dominant effort from...
Sat 4 Jul
Redhill CC Sporting 14 TT - GS/189
On a day where the ominous clouds threatened the sort of torrential downpours that punctuated most of June, a reduced field turned out for...
Sat 18 Jun
Road Rides 18-06-16
A summer challenge suggested five and half months earlier had finally arrived. 
Sun 19 Jun
Sunday Steady 19-06-2016
Despite the fine weather, only four of us turned up at the Drome. Numbers might have been affected by the large number of club members who had Chased...
Thu 9 Jun - Sun 12 Jun
MTB Lake District Weekend
The Lake District isn’t at all like Surrey .. for mountain bikers, it has a major difference – an almost complete absence of mud! This can be put...

Denbies Duels Sunday 2nd Oct 2016

Key Events

Sun 2 Oct DENBIES DUELS 2016


Plenty being 4 days!
Still plenty of time to enter the hill climb with a difference. Great idea, great prizes, great venue! on 2-10-2016
Top 40 finish for at the National 10 TT at w'end followed by an 18:50 PB on club course at Horne last night. Great season.
RT : Holy crap the worst pair of shaved legs I have ever seen #LaVuelta #LaVuelta2016

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