Outwood Common

What do you do with your bike when you get back from a MTB ride? Do you throw it into the shed until the next ride, do you put it away until the next warm day or do you give it a good hose down and some TLC with the oil can? Yes mud is the down side of winter rides off road and the North Downs has its own brand of sticky mud which seems to get everywhere.

Crawley CC 14.4m TT

ongratulations to all ten Redhill Cycling Clubs riders who contested the opening time trial of the season and came away with 5 awards in an event that attracted some top riders.

Reigate Hill to Box Hill

Mark lead 17 riders from Reigate Hill Car Park on a dry, overcast day. He took us over Walton Heath to Headley Heath, where he had worked out a cunning new route. While going up and down, it avoided the steepest climbs, eventually bring us out on Mill Way opposite Tumber Lane. A short way along the lane, a bridle path on the left links up with the path onto Mickleham Downs.