Evans Trailbreak at Bramley

The snow was falling as six intrepid members from Redhill Cycle Club made their way to Bramley for the latest TrailBreak ride. The 23 mile ride weaved it way along off road tracks to Peaslake and back, additional loops were added for the courageous and a short cut was available fro those that needed it.

David Peacock was trying out his new Rohloff ‘all in one’ gear system, whilst the rest of us made do with the conventional derailleur gears on our mountain bikes.

Burford Bridge to Leith Hill

It was a cold day with falling snow, the twelve of us started out from Rykers at the foot of Box Hill and took a well thought out route to Leith Hill Tower. Dont ask me the exact route 'cos I was just a follower.

The higher ground had a good carpet of snow which transformed the scene to christmas card standards and concealed the mud, rocks and fallen branches.
We took refreshments at Leith Hill tower and sheltered in the lee of the tower while being entertained by Dave C.

Look closely at the 'tea stop pic' to see the snowman between us and the bikes .....

Club Run to the Club Christmas Dinner

The ride from Outwood started at 10am with just six people and four
bikes,Steve and Barbara Walter and Alison and Darrell High turned up on
tandems.The Walter machine was fully decorated for the time of year
xmas tinsel,a father Christmas figure and boasting an on board stereo
playing xmas carols. Barbara and Steve were decorared in like
Weir joined us at the last minute,with puncture and having fixed that
we set