Experienced Swinley with Stuart B

Stuart is taking us back to Swinners. It's been a long time since RCC have ridden there on a Saturday. Stuart is planning to lead the long route around the reds and blues then stopping for tea. After tea he will be continuing around the shorter blue course and fire roads.

Parking is £4 all day (I think you need coins)

Swinley Forest, Bracknell RG12 7QW


MTB Intermediate Reigate Hill. Visiting the Scene of the Near Miss

A huge crowd of 20 riders gathered at Reigate Hill car park hoping for a bit of miraculous mud – avoiding. We decided to split into two groups – a faster group led by Matt Swan and a more sedate group led by me. That translated into Matt and Jim zooming off and everyone else following me. We were heading for a tea stop at Destination Bike at Box Hill but by a slightly roundabout route to avoid too much climbing and to show off my “limbo under a fence at Warp Factor 15” skills.