Pyramid at Holmbury Hill

Ten of us met up at walking Bottom for a ride more about trails than speed or distance, we welcomed two newcomers Richard (from the dark side) and Jolie (Geoff's daughter). We ride down into Peaslake and up over to our first trail - Van Goughs missing ear then up to ride Bambies legs before riding up to Holmbury hill for the customary photo opportunity. Yoghurt pots was enjoyed so much that  we did it twice, then going back to repeat Bambies legs, returning to Peaslake via Barry knows Best for tea an cheese straws - massive grins all round. 

A pothole too far

About a dozen riders turned up at the Drome, but only 4 of us were signed up for the Sunday Steady; the rest headed off at a far from steady pace. I had wanted to lead a ride to Mark Cross but for the second time I was thwarted. Jacquie, Janina and Bruce wanted to be back reasonably early so we opted for Green Fingers on top of Ashdown Fotest.