Saturday, 3 January 2015

SuperNova SuperWet!

The Bridge
By Colin Morgan
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 22:21
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After getting up and seeing a monsoon outside I was considering putting on my wetsuit instead of my mountain bike top.

I was amazed to see 9 riders turned up for the start at newlands corner car park. We were all looking at other and wondering why we where here as the rain was lashing down.

We started off the ride with a good decent down to black heath forest. This certainly woke us all up. We were no longer clean!!!!. The track was very slippery in places with a few rocks thrown in.

Making good pace past the cricket pitch in black heath we started to head towards winter fold woods along some nice bridleways. Mark Humphreys used this time is practice his wheelies.

My intention was to take in the trail "Bronson" but the weather conditions would of made it dreadful. We therefore took the direct route towards Peaslake using the "supernova"trail. It was at this point that Mark Humphreys guest rider V brakes finally gave up the ghost. Disc brakes are on order I believe.

We all gathered under the peaslake bus stop shelter and warmed up with a cup of tea.

It was then a final slog back up to newlands corner car park from Shere. This climb is tough in the dry, and only a few made it up without stopping. Well done to those who did.

Once at the top it was a quick blast back to the car park along the north downs way. The main conversation being what tyres those who got up climb where using and where did they find the grip!!!! .

Thanks to all who came