Club TT Series

Redhill CC Time Trial Series - Introduction

The Redhill CC Time Trial series runs from May through to August each year on Wednesday evenings. Two courses are used: GS338 and G10/57. At the end of the year, there is an awards ceremony with trophies for the best Scratch and Handicap riders of the year. In 2014, we added Vets, Womens and young rider categories too.  

GS338 - Horne - May and August

During May and August, Redhill's TTs take place on course GS338: 8.85m over 3 laps of the Newchapel (Horne) circuit near Smallfield. We meet at Horne Golf Club in Croydonbarn Lane and part in their car park (the right hand section away from the club house). The course is then left (into Bones Lane), left (into Brickhouse Lane) and finally left (into Croydonbarn Lane again). 

G10/57 - Horsham - June and July

During June and July races are on course G10/57, a 10 mile 'out and back' dual-carriageway course between Horsham and Crawley (meet on the Rusper Road, just off the A264 at Horsham).

Entry Fee and Rules

The entry fee for each round is £3. Riders must sign on and wear a race number. During busy times entry is run on a strictly 'first come, first served' basis. There are many rules for TTs and these can be found under Cycling Time Trials (CTT) rules and regulations which apply to all of RCC's meets. Non-members and beginners are welcome, as are beginners; the latter may prefer to try the relatively traffic-free Horne course as an introduction. Numbers are limited on any night by safety and logistics considerations. Note the 'first come, first served' stipulation above.

Scratch Competition

In the scratch competition, points are awarded according to fastest actual time (i.e. no handicap). In each round, the fastest rider gets 10 points, second fastest 9 points, etc. down to 1 point for the tenth fastest rider. Only the best 8 rounds for each rider count, so a rider cannot get more than 80 points over the entire series. The purpose of this restriction is to open up the competition to those members who are unable to race every week.

Handicap Competition

In the handicap competition, points are awarded according to best improvement. In each round, the rider posting the biggest improvement gets 10 points, second fastest 9 points, etc. down to 1 point for the tenth fastest rider. As with the scratch competition, only the best 8 rounds for each rider will count.

Rupert Burbidge has dominated the series in recent years
The winners of the 2011 scratch and handicap prizes
Charl - an emerging talent at the East Surrey Hardriders
It's not just men on bikes!
The corner of Bones Lane
Fierce competition but oodles of fun