Saturday, 14 June 2014


By Colin Morgan
Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 13:15
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Last time it was bluebells, this time it was nettles! 


23 set off from Reigate Hill out across the golf course towards Walton on the Heath and our first descent with Bunny Killer (ask Mat).  This was also our first encounter of the day with this summer’s newest crop – ouch!  We then headed up to Headley Heath, down Secret Singletrack and off towards Life on Mars.  This was followed by introducing a few more of the club to Tactical Nuclear Penguin (TNP) and a very poorly executed photo opportunity, I blame the equipment! From here we turned towards the tea stop and up Norbury Park.  “Up the steep one?” I was asked, if in doubt the answer is always and inevitably…”yes”.  Steep climbs aside, it was a quick whiz over the top and down Infestation to Bocketts and a cup of tea in the sun/cloud/spits of rain.


We lost a few at the tea stop but those that remained were buoyed with the promise of Colin’s favourite DDD.  After one tiny missed turning and a troop about turn we found ourselves amongst another very healthy crop of nettles, expletives at the ready!  We blasted through these at top speed, the only way to do it and prepared for our slog up Ranmore.  Once summited it was time to lose all the height we had just gained with DDD back down to Denbies.  I’m unsure of the details but there was an incident with Graham, his dropper, elbows and the ground.  The result was two bloodied elbows and an as yet un dropped dropper which now refused to stay up.  An expensive ride for Graham!


Unfortunately we had to pay for DDD with another climb, this time Box Hill.  From here it was simply a case of cruising back across Headley, down Tye Lane and back across the golf course home.  Many thanks to Phil for his excellent back marking.