Saturday, 7 December 2013

Another good ride

End of ride
By Philip Clarke
Monday, December 9, 2013 - 21:08
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Ten of us set off from Rykas. As conditions were dryish we took the slightly longer route along the A24, across Norbury Park to the edge of Bocketts. It was here that the leader had the first incident.

A small branch got entangled in the rear gears & broke the hanger. It was looking like a long walk back to Reigate Hill where he started from. However Terry & Phil saved the day! Terry had a spare hanger, same bike!  and Phil expertly fitted it and untangled the derailleur. Within 10 min we were going again!

Round the back of Polesden Lacey the leader was again forced to stop with a sudden puncture. This was not going well 10 minutes later we were going again heading for the Drove road to Newlands. Fortunately no more incidents on the ride. We took the usual route back along the Ranmore road and down through Denbies. Arrived back at 1.15 having covered around 24 miles. Special thanks to Phil & Terry.

Mark R.