Saturday, 28 April 2012

A dirty weekend in Surrey

RCC Group 28.4.12
By Conor Maher
Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 18:45
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Oh yes, there is mud everywhere including the inside of my car now (well, actually it is my wife's...!). The recent weather has left Surrey's trails in a state but that didn't deter 24 RCC riders who turned up at Rykas for an 18 mile off-road loop.

No point hanging about I thought - we got straight into Juniper Hill to warm up those legs before a very careful and, in places, nervy descent down Minty's where the damp conditions, roots and chalky surfaces proved testing. More of the same as we climbed up High Ashurst before we encountered the first mud bath of the day in Headley Common. Yet more mud and deep tyre tracks as we made our way along the edge of Sandhill Wood towards Langley with plenty of climbs and descents for the route to Bocketts. The Mars bar cake was as good as ever and amongst the tea and banter we barely noticed the ever friendly staff busying themselves with sweeping brushes. Oops!

The rain arrived so best get on I thought. With only six miles left involving a quick climb over Ranmore we would be home in no time, wouldn't we? Nope, even muddier trails now and the arrival of the puncture monster who took out a few hapless souls. The trails were busy too with the Wiggle ride event and we came up against the riders in a few places, forcing a last minute detour down Denbies for the home run. Have I mentioned the mud yet?

We seemed to lose a few riders along the way too, very careless I know. Thanks to Graham and his dodgy ribs for back-marking and to everyone for their good humour.

See you next time.