Thursday, 5 May 2011

Maurice gets third in South Nutfield handicap road race!

Maurice leading his group onto Prince of Wales Road
By rupert
Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 22:45
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Having raced in the Goodwood Gallops handicap on Tuesday evening, Maurice Brennan was out in force again in this evening's Surrey League Handicap race on the South Nutfield circuit.

The RCC contingent also included Rob Pace, Sean McAuiffe and Olly Gin who were split across two groups out of the original five groups that formed the race.

After a couple of laps the earlier groups had merged into one larger group but Maurice was able to get into a break instigated by Addiscombe CC.  A further attack that Maurice stayed with saw him in a lead group of just four riders who began to work really well together.  So much so that they rapidly gained a gap of a minute and a half on the bunch.

Over the final couple of laps the lead group continued to increase their gap still further on the bunch who had been caught by all the later groups.

In a final sprint to the finish on the motorway bridge in Green Lane, Maurice came third behind an Addiscombe rider who came first and a Kingston Wheelers rider who just pipped Maurice to second place.

Sean, Rob and Olly came in with the chase bunch outside of the top ten, but all had a pretty good ride.

Well done Maurice; that was a well deserved position!


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