Sunday, 6 March 2011

Debut outing for the RCC Tri suit at Boxhill

Simon at the Ball Buster duathlon
By Adrian Webb
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 06:56
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‘Thank you and Sorry’ - A report from the Ballbuster Duathlon: Wearing my RCC Triathlon suit proudly for the first time I was ready to take on the aptly named ‘Ballbuster’. The course consists of an 8 mile circuit and includes the Zig Zags climb at Box Hill.

The race attracts some incredibly fast runners/bikers who speed never ceases to amaze me and starts with a run once round the circuit which end opposite the Café at Boxhill then its onto the bike for a further 3 laps and then the final lap again on foot. Whilst the Box Hill climb is fairly straightforward on a bike after 16 miles of running and 24 miles of riding, the fifth and final climb on foot up Boxhill is there to bust you!

With clear memories of starting too fast last year and coming to a walk on several occasion’s on the final climb, my goal this year was not to bust and if possible go faster. Although fitter and faster this year my plan was to run the first run similar to last year, however plans are never my strong point and I arrived at the end of the first run 5 minutes earlier than last year I jumped onto the bike smiling but seriously worried I had overcooked it already.

The bike course has a fast and exciting section in the valley where 30-34 mph is common before turning left and left again to start the Zig Zags, the first climb felt great, however on the third and last bike lap I dropped my only sports drink bottle and began to feel the tank emptying so decided to take it steady into transition.

It was clear on starting the final run that my legs had take a battering and it was going to get tough, although 6 minutes slower than my first run, I dug deep on the final climb, and just before my legs had cried enough I crossed the line 50th overall, 7th in 40-44 age cat and 11 minutes faster than last year, but more importantly without walking and my B**** not Busted!

Simon B

NB. Thank you to those Redhill MTB Riders who popped up cheering on several parts of the last run, and sorry I could not respond with much gratitude, I was so very nearly busted.