Westcott with Dave Mc

“Leaving from Westcott, nine intrepid RCC MTB riders braved the zero degree temperature and threat of immanent snow to warm up on Rookery, before feeding our little adrenalin habit in the bumps, dips and humps of Leith’s Fat-Jim, Garage, F’sake and What’s the Matter.

Fully warmed, next up was the Windy Willows drop in and the long traverse down Live at the Witch Trials, before completing the loop and returning back up the flank of Leith. That saw us accommodate Half-Pint, Choc Jesus and Jab-in-the-eye.


Roosthole ride out

Ten of us arrived in a wet and muddy Roosthole carpark for Lee's ride over to Tilgate, first obstacle over no one lost a bike to the dreaded height restriction.Heading on to Hammer Pond Lane we climed to the turf farm and took a trail which was going to be the flavour of the day - thick slippery mud! Dropping by the mx track and in to the forest we climbed our way up over to Grouse Road. At this point we all agreed that we had probably pedalled twice as far as the Garmins said thanks to the constant wheel spin.