Quality field lights up 70th Anniversary Sporting TT

The eventual winner was one of the nicest and most talented riders the South of England has produced in the last decade - Chris McNamara. Now in his 12th season as an elite rider, Chris rides with Pedal Heaven and has previously represented GB. He is currently ranked 38th nationally by British Cycling. 


Chris won our sporting 14 in last July, so is on a bit of an RCC roll. In the process, he beat previous winner Pete Tadros, course record holder (and former Tour of britain rider) Wouter Sybrandy, previous winner Liam Maybank, Conall Yates (brother of Sean Yates), Rob Sharland of Paceline RT who came 2nd and previous CTT National Hill Climb champion Tejvan Pettinger, amongst others. 
A special mention for John Dewey of Dorking CC who rose above some mighty names to take 3rd with a brilliant 42:44.
Former RCC rider (and still close to the heart of the club) Dom Clegg looked immensely fit and composed to win the Men's road bike competition with a 46:25 completing a hugely successful morning for his new club Paceline RT who took the team prize. 

In the women's competition, Alice Lethbridge of GB Cycles pipped Kingston Wheeler's National Hill Climb champion, Maryka Sennema, by 13 seconds with a 50:48 but Maryka took the women's Road Bike title. Fastest RCC woman was the only bare-armed rider in the field, Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, recording a 54:45.


On the Redhill front, a strong ride by Charl Jordaan saw him take 12th place and the Peter Appleyard Trophy with a 45:42 with Chris Herbert putting in an impressive 47:07 to take joint third in the Road Bike competition. 


Other strong RCC performances were recorded by Matt Peel - the RCC 2014 TT series scratch winner - Brian Hennessey and Sean McAuliffe... but special plaudits go to two relative newcomers to the club. Henry Hunter put in a fantastic 51:28 while Roland Kitson, recently moved from Kinross CC and still wearing a Kinross jersey (we'll sort him out soon in RCC colours) put in a solid 53:17.


Finally, special thanks go to the many Redhill marshals and helpers who stood on chilly corners and dealt with occasional confrontations with NIMBY drivers professionally. Also, to the superb catering facilities laid on at the HQ by Rosie Davy (Nick suffered the only puncture of the day, so commisserations there) and Cynthia among others.  And of course, to the RCC organiser and promoter Maurice Brennan who worked super-hard over a long period to make it go as smoothly and successfully as it did.


A superb event that was a credit to the club. Chapeau all...


Pictures freely available here for those who took part: http://adewebb.smugmug.com/Sports/cycling/Redhill-Sporting-18-TT-on-15th/i-zNF3SGG


Full results:

Result – Redhill CC Sporting Time Trial

Overall winners Chris Mcnamara and Alice Lethbridge.

1 Chris Mcnamara Pedal Heaven S 00:42:16
2 Rob Sharland Paceline RT S 00:42:36
3 John Dewey Dorking CC S 00:42:44
4 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team S 00:42:52
5 Jamie Pine Pedal Heaven S 00:43:07
6 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC V 00:43:12 1st on Vets Std
7 Keith Lea Paceline RT V 00:43:36 2nd on Vets Std
8 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT S 00:43:45
9 Wouter Sybrandy Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT S 00:43:47
10 Peter Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT V 00:44:13 3rd on Vets Std
11 Daniel Mccarthy VC Meudon S 00:45:18
12 Charl Jordaan Redhill CC S 00:45:42
13 James Wright Charlotteville Cycling Club V 00:45:54
14 Craig Mclean Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT V 00:46:16
15 Dominic Clegg Paceline RT S 00:46:25 1st Road
16 Pat Wright Paceline RT S 00:46:34 2nd Road
17 Phil Ember Paceline RT V 00:46:36
18 Christian Yates East Grinstead CC V 00:46:46
19 Dan Cole i-team Cyclists Club V 00:46:49
20 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael V 00:46:52
21 Ben Elliott Paceline RT S 00:46:55 *
22 Chris Herbert Redhill CC S 00:47:07 3rd = Road
22 Gareth Thomas Paceline RT S 00:47:07 3rd = Road
24 Jon Hughes Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere S 00:47:46
25 Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands! S 00:48:06
26 James Griffin Kingston Wheelers CC S 00:48:20
27 Cameron Fraser Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT S 00:48:24
28 Adrian Blacker Norwood Paragon CC V 00:48:25
29 Adam Bidwell Kingston Wheelers CC S 00:48:27
30 David Emery Dulwich Paragon CC V 00:48:28 Road
31 Matt Peel Redhill CC S 00:48:33 Road
32 Damian Poulter Hounslow & District Whs V 00:48:46
33 Les Liddiard Team Jewson – MI Racing V 00:48:57
34 Edward Francis Paceline RT V 00:49:10 Road
34 Paul Hone Addiscombe CC V 00:49:10 Road
36 Ben Hopwood Charlotteville Cycling Club S 00:49:13 Road
37 Graham Giggs Bath Road Club S 00:49:26
38 Michael Deen Redmon CC V 00:49:33
39 Rob Pelham Lewes Wanderers CC S 00:49:36 Road
40 Andy Lack Paceline RT V 00:49:43 Road
41 Mark Van Niekerk Dorking CC V 00:49:56
42 Brian Hennessey Redhill CC v 00:50:12
43 Jonathan Pontin Addiscombe CC S 00:50:35 Road
44 David Churchill Bigfoot CC V 00:50:40
45 Gregory Hunt RT 316 V 00:50:41
46 Alice Lethbridge gbcycles.co.uk WS 00:50:48 1st Woman
47 Dominic Lowe Addiscombe CC V 00:51:00
48 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC WV 00:51:01 2nd W + 1st Rd
48 Suzetta Guerrini London Dynamo WV 00:51:11 3rd Woman
50 Amy Forshaw Trainsharp Racing Team WS 00:51:17
51 Chris Halls Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT S 00:51:21 Road
52 Dave Warne Old Portlians CC V 00:51:26
53 Henry Hunter Redhill CC V 00:51:28 Road
54 Cameron Stronge Kingston Wheelers CC Jun 00:51:36 Road
55 Michael Gates Kingston Wheelers CC S 00:51:37 Road
56 Daniel Pink Bigfoot CC S 00:51:45 Road
57 Geoff Smith Eastbourne Rovers CC V 00:51:47 Road
58 Sean McAuliffe Redhill CC V 00:51:53 Road
59 Sophie Household Velo Club St Raphael WS 00:52:02
60 Jon Fry Horsham Cycling V 00:52:06
61 Thomas Hampshire Paceline RT S 00:52:14 Road
62 Ian Bashford Old Portlians CC V 00:52:27
63 David Edwards Addiscombe CC V 00:52:55 Road
64 Stuart Richards Newcomers CC S 00:53:08 Road
65 Roland Kitson Redhill CC V 00:53:17
66 Alasdair Wylie Redmon CC S 00:53:28
67 Tim Johnston Southborough & Dist. Whs V 00:53:35
68 Jonathan Bradbourne Redhill CC S 00:53:45 Road
68 Maurice Joseph Paceline RT S 00:53:45
70 Nathan Chamberlain Redhill CC V 00:53:55
71 Mike Wingrave Redhill CC V 00:54:31 Road
72 Michelle Arthurs-Brennan Redhill CC WS 00:54:45
73 Alan Lang Hartlepool CC V 00:55:02 Road
74 Neil Walters Southborough & Dist. Whs V 00:55:13 Road
75 William Henton Redhill CC S 00:55:30 Road
76 Rob Gardner Kingston Wheelers CC S 00:55:45 Road
77 David Eccles Redmon CC V 00:58:24 Road
78 Andrew Green Old Portlians CC V 00:58:41 Road
79 Morgan Pike Newcomers CC WS 00:59:03
80 Valerie Place 7 Oaks Triathlon Club WV 01:00:31 Road
81 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC V 01:00:55
82 Jon Lewis Charlotteville Cycling Club V 01:04:52
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RCC 70th Anniversary Sporting 18 Time Trial
Chris McNamara wins Sporting 18 TT 15-02-15