Airtime at Tilgate

Jumps and singletrack were all lined up 

so I was pleased to see 20 eager riders braving the chill in the car park for the start of my ride.


We set off through St Leonards forest heading through towards Peas Pottage and then on to Tilgate Forest where a number of popular trails were waiting to be completed. Alice in Wonderland is a favourite, although wet and muddy conditions meant it was not exactly completed in record time.


Lunch stop was at Tilgate Park where we sat out and enjoyed the pleasant sunshine. 


On the return leg we once again went cross country via Peas pottage, finishing off with the Roothole Rush trail back to the car park, with Mark succesfully not destroying his bike this time! 


Pleased to announce no injuries, no punctures and no lost riders. Thankyou to my back marker Fran.



Event / Article Type
MTB Experienced- Tilgate
27.10.12- Mark