G3 group ride to Ashdown Forest


On Saturday 18 June the G3 group ventured into Ashdown Forest and then on for tea at Penshurst. We started by cycling down the bridleway from Perrywood, then a hilly route via Copthorne, Turners Hill, Weir Wood Reservoir to Coleman’s Hatch and a view north towards the North Downs in the distance.  We stopped to take in the view before heading on through Hartfield and Cowden Station to Penshurst.  Lots of roads less travelled in recent years, plus a couple I don’t remember at all…..and that hill out of Penshurst, I’ll remember not to include that again!

We were fortunate that the rain held off, just a few spots to add to the humidity, it was good to sit under the awning at the Porcupine Cafe.

We took a much flatter route back via Edenbridge!


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20220618 G3 ride to Ashdown Forest
20220618 G3 ride to Ashdown Forest