73 x Box Hill. Charles Everests the Zig Zags

Charles on one of his early morning ascent

385km, 8848m of climbing. 73 ascents (and descents) of Box Hill were the ingredients for RCC endurance expert, Charles Hyatt. Starting early on Thursday 27th May and finishing 22hour2minutes later at 5.05am on 28th. Charles achieved this extraordinary feat of endurance with his usual quiet modesty and unfussiness.

He'd like to thank everyone from RCC who rocked up during his Odyssey to ride with him, wave him on and wish him good luck. As you may know, the record in recent times has been set by pros riding up long, steep, straight ascents quickly and descending even quicker.   Charles's Everesting was all the more impressive for the fact that Box Hill is (as you will well know), relatively shallow and long requiring him to ride some 348km in the process of this feat. Hard enough when doing a flat ride but with 73 x Zigs and Zags (and the speed bumps) thrown it, it's gargantuan. 

Well done, Charles... awesome achievement!!!

There is even a video that's already been stitched together to show the mighty feat. Feast your eyes here:  https://youtu.be/UL3WQMecdAGW

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Everesting Box Hill
Charles en route to 29,000ft