About Club Runs

Redhill CC Club Runs

The club provides many cycling activities and some of the most popular of which are the weekly on-road club runs.

On Saturdays, we meet at Redhill Aerodrome during the summer months (April to September) and Woodhatch Park, opposite The Angel pub in winter for a range of rides. In summer, as many as seven rides can start out and they are defined by our 'G' system (below). Please DO NOT turn up as a newcomer without emailing us first so we know you're coming and can advise you about what you should bring and who you should look out for. Email Chairman, Adrian Webb or Road Events Secretary, Brian Costello and we'll help you.

The G system. We have used this system for some time now. It enables riders to join wherever they are comfortable and have a clear path to move through the system as they get fitter, stronger and more experienced:

G1) Newcomers/Introductory. A gentle ride of 20 - 25 miles at the pace of the slowest rider. This is our recommended introductory ride for those who may not have cycled in a group before. There is a guaranteed teastop en route normally at Tanhouse Farm Shop just outside Newdigate. As a guide, you should not join this first ride unless you are confident of cycling for over 15miles in one go at an average speed of 12.5mph. This is our 'hurdle' to ensure all riders get the ride they were hoping for.

G2) Moderate but longer. A ride usually of 40 - 45 miles at a 'touring' pace (14 - 15mph). There may be a hill or two but usually nothing too serious. A halfway teastop is guaranteed.

G3) Like G2 but up a little more in terms of pace and terrain. The average will be at least 15mph and a good challenging hill (or three) will be included. As an indication, you must be able to climb Box Hill comfortably in the middle of a 50mile ride to join this one. Again, teastops usual.

G4) A much tougher ride. Effectively a 'mini' sportive with multiple challenging hills, descents and a quick pace on the flat. The average will often be 16 - 17mph. Not a ride to join if you are riding for the first time with the club.

G5) Up another notch in terms of pace and experience required. Again, challenging hills but this ride is about consistent strong pace on all terrains. Often used by those thinking of moving up to racing standard soon.

G6) Racers-in-training. A ride for people who have either raced previously, are at a standard where they hope to begin racing soon or those just starting out in racing. Usually a 50mile ride at 17 - 18mph often in a tight, disciplined group. Experience of 'peloton riding' essential.

G7) Racers ride - only for those currently competing seriously in senior races or time trials. The sort of rides where even the strongest riders will return tired!


On Sundays we meet for ‘Club Runs’, again at Woodhatch Park, south of Reigate, on the A217. These will usually be longer rides with more experienced riders and are rarely under 50miles. Nearer 60 - 75m is more usual but, by riding in company, the miles slip by and after a tea stop at halfway the ride back usually sees people home by 2.30pm. A very sociable way to get in the miles, make new friends and learn about cycling from experienced riders. If you have any doubts, attend the Saturday rides first.

There are now often 'back by midday' rides and quicker training rides on Sunday too. Again, if you are thinking of joining the club and want to try a ride with us, best to try Saturday rides first.

If you find long distance rides appealing there are members who undertake sportives, cycle tours and ‘Audax’ events all over the UK.

Safety is something the club takes very seriously. Please read our 'Ride Safety' page before joining any RCC ride. It will give you useful general information that is based on our full club Risk Assesment. If you would like to see a copy of this document, please email chairman@redhillcc.co.uk for a copy.