Redhill CC clothing has been through many iterations as we find the right supplier to combine speed of production, cost and quality. We now use a number of manufacturers to cover the wide range of clothing available. Due to the high cost of holding spares of the many items available, only a limited number are ordered each time and these are often purchased very quickly.  Consequently, if you would like kit, look out for the next pre-order form in the Chairman's weekly updates (NOTE: Kit is only available to paid up members)

All and any spare kit is held at C&N Cycles in Redhill. They DO NOT order the stock and are not responsible for it. They simply distribute it out of pure goodwill for which the club thanks them. For directions or to find out more about the store CLICK HERE.

New orders are placed whenever there is sufficient demand to underwrite the upfront deposit costs. The lead time can be up to 10 weeks from order placement to delivery (sometimes longer depending on supplier), so please bear this in mind.

Please note that MTB kit substitutes the white on the road kit for black  to cope better with the mud! The result looks great and many roadies also have the MTB style in road cut but please note that for road racing it is only our white road kit that is registered with Surrey League.


Redhill CC Kit available at C&N Cycles, Redhill