About Us & FAQs

Redhill Cycling Club was founded in 1945 to promote and encourage all aspects of cycling in East Surrey. That is still our aim. No one aspect of cycling is promoted at the expense of any other: our members are active in off-road riding, cycling touring, club runs, track racing, time trials, road racing and ultra distance events. We also have a very active social side that encourages participation in club runs, foreign visits and club nights. We cater for all levels of ability from the novice to the experienced and all ages from seven (via the Redhill Raiders) to whatever.

The Club provides a full calendar of racing events on the road through our affiliations to the National bodies and during the summer we promote weekly evening time trials on local courses over a distance of 9 and 10 miles. At the weekends, members ride club runs, sportives, races and open events of varying distances. Our record of achievement is frequently reported in the local press. Redhill riders are in the thick of the action on local courses in Surrey League events - our Racing Secretary who will be pleased to provide any further information or guidance.

Our most popular activities, however are weekly club runs on- and off-road. Members meet on Saturdays and Sundays for rides of varying speeds and distances.

On-Road Rides

On Saturdays we frequently offer up to seven graded rides from Newcomers to Racers. They start at 9:00am from Redhill Aerodrome (off Kingsmill Lane RH1 5YP) in the car park in the North West corner of the site.  

The structure is based on what we know as our 'G' groupings ranging from G1 (up to 30 miles, gentle pace for newcomers or those resting always with a teastop) to G6/7 for rides of up to 80miles non-stop at around 20mph average. These are for serious racers and those in training for racing or time trials.

By riding in company the miles soon slip by. There's usually a tea stop at halfway and it's a very sociable way to improve your cycling and fitness, chat with fellow members and a good opportunity to seek advice if you have a technical problem. If you find long distance rides appealing there are members who undertake cycle tours, Sportives and Audax events.  Please note, as a cycling club a good general level of fitness is required. As minimum hurdle you should be able to ride at least 20miles in one go at an average of 13mph.

Off-Road Rides

Redhill Cycling Club has been organising MTB rides throughout the year since 2000. We have nearly 80 active off-roaders. The rides cater for cyclists who have a degree of MTB experience but who are perhaps looking to improve upon their fitness and technical ability. Each ride has a Ride Leader and a Back Marker, for larger groups there are middle markers who help to keep the group together.  Off-road rides tend to start at 9.30am from different start points depending which trails people are headed for.  The week's forthcoming rides and events are always in our calendar.

Joining a new club can be a big decision and we are happy for anyone thinking of joining to spend time with us before reaching a decision. Once a member, you will have access to the active forum on our website where information and ideas are actively exchanged. Why not come out on a couple of club runs, come to a club night, have a chat with someone on the commitee. We want your membership to be what you want from day one and we want it to be long and enjoyable. We have a reputation for keeping our members, probably because we all become friends.


How long has the club been around for?

The Club was established in 1946 - since then, we have seen members go on to professional cycling careers on the Continent, representing Britain in the Olympic Games and even ride in the Tour De France (Bernard Pusey).

How old do I have to be?

'Redhill Raiders' caters specifically for youngsters in groups, from 7 to 11 year olds and 12 to 16 year olds. The off-road and road groups have riders from 17 to 70 plus, so we have something for everyone. Under 18's will need consent from a parent or guardian.

What are the advantages of becoming a member of Redhill CC?
If you are a member of a club, you will get much more from cycling. The frequency and variety of rides mean you do more cycling and as you do more, you get fitter. The cameraderie and friendships make the miles so much more enjoyable...and safer. You can take part in road-racing, time-trialling and other cycle events. Also, you can enjoy the regular social events. As a member of Redhill CC, you are entitled to discount in certain shops and organisations. For example at the moment, you are entitled to up to a 15% discount in C&N Cycles in Redhill, 10% in Finches Cycles in Reigate, 10% at Ross Cycles Caterham, when you show your membership card. Also if you are wanting to organize a group holiday abroad, Fernando Carvalho Training Tours Portugal, will ensure you get a discount when booking with their company.

Do I have to have previous cycling experience?
Ideally, yes. You should be able to ride a bike comfortably for a reasonable distance - perhaps you have been commuting or going out for longer weekend rides. If you come along to join us for Saturday or Sunday rides, then for the Newcomers' rides you should be confident about riding at least 20 miles at an average speed of 13mph. For Intermediate rides, you should be confident (from experience) about riding more than 40 miles at any average of close to 15mph. For Sunday 'Club Runs', you should be an experienced rider easily capable of riding more than 50 miles at one go.

Who can I talk to?
The Contact Us page contains all the necessary details of each club officer. Drop us an email via the 'contact us' page and we'll discuss the best way to fit you in. Then you can come along to one of our Social Events, Club Rides or Off-Road Rides and see for yourself what a friendly bunch of people we are!

If I'm thinking about joining, can I join the club on a ride or two to see if I "fit in"?
We actively encourage this and ask that any new riders come on 'try out' rides with us three times and get the 'sponsorship' of a ride leader or established club member before applying to join. To check which ride to join, please get in touch first so we can ensure you join the right ride for your ability. Take a look at the Club Rides or Off-Road Rides pages on our calendar for information. Please also read our 'ride safety' pages as your safety and well-being is paramount.

The off-road rides you organise - at what pace does everybody go at and how far do you normally ride?
Generally, we all ride at a comfortable pace - roughly 10mph average, give or take a bit. The typical distance we cover is around 15-25 miles. If that feels a bit much, when you are with friendly company miles fly by! To find out more about the off-road rides we organise, go to the Off-Road Rides page.

What if I don't want to take part in racing?
We organise both weekend (social) rides and also racing events. However, you are under no obligation to take part in any racing if you don't want to - it's entirely up to you!

How do I join Redhill CC?
The first step is to get in touch! For 'off-road' riding email:mtbevents@redhillcc.co.uk, for road riding: chairman@redhillcc.co.uk. You don't have to join the club to come along on a few rides and as above, you do have to come on a number of rides and gain a 'sponsor' before applying. It's always best to see if you like club cycling first!


Your safety is of paramount importance when you ride with Redhill Cycling Club. We have a full annual risk assessment and safety guidelines for riders. Take responsibility for knowing what will be expected of you at Redhill CC. If you haven't been sent our guidelines, visit our 'Safety' pages. Or drop us a line and we can send you our risk assessment too so you can take your safety as seriously as we take it.