Club TT - Round 5 (Horsham)

With a time advantage of nearly a minute over the next nearest rider, Richard Sanders scorched home to win Round 5 of Redhill Cycling Club’s Time Trial competition series.

Held, for the first time this season, over the fast, 10 mile course on the dual carriageway between Horsham and Crawley, the event saw overcast skies and a steady tailwind on the outbound leg that became a headwind for the 5 miles back to the finish.

400km Audax

This weekend I rode the excellent 400km from Denmead (nr Portsmouth) to Weston-Super-Mere and back, via Amesbury and Cheddar Gorge. The ride westward was into a blustery headwind, and the route across Salisbury plains and Porton Downs offered no shelter: put simply, for 5 hours I felt like I was climbing a mountain rather than progressing across relatively flat countryside! The descent through Cheddar Gorge was a blast, but the climb at the other side (and later, heading homeward, up to Shaftsbury) was anything but!