Training Ride

Those who looked out of their window at 8:00 on Sunday morning would

have seen the effects of increasing windy, lowering and increasing


and other signs of the heavy rains that were forecast to sweep across

southern England in the day. But did this put off the stalwart Redhill

CC Sunday Club Run riders ? Not a bit of it.

With Mike Ormerod (who was due to lead the ride) off sick, Duncan

Murdoch took over the lead and started us out to the south west with



Congratulations to the 5 off-roaders who took part in the turbo


last Friday evening - a very impressive performance! But where were you


Saturday morning?

As it was 21 riders turned up at Westcott, including a new face -


chum, John. The weather forecast had been very gloomy but the driving


didn't materialise and we enjoyed a very pleasant morning in watery



We took the usual route towards Winterfold via the bridleways through

Club Night - Turbo Racing

Well, it has often been the source of much speculation : who are the stronger riders ? The muddy but tough-looking Mountain Bike riders who seem to tackle all terrain and surfaces, up or down, whatever the gradient and the conditions, or the sleek and smooth-looking roadies who aim for speed above all else.

Well the competition at the last Club Night found an answer.

Redhill CC Club HC

Riding his first-ever competitive hill-climb, Nathan Chamberlain has become the new Redhill CC Hill Climb champion.

Nathan has only ridden some of the club time trial events previously but has shown ever-improving speed and natural ability.

As usual, the Club Hill Climb contest took place on the south side of Leith Hill with the one-mile course seeing the riders facing increasingly steep gradients up the challenging and strength-sapping 400 ft climb.