Westcott to Peaslake

Alex lead the ride and was suffering a bit of a hangover, needless to say most of us could still not keep up with him. Brilliant Winter sun and a certain crispness in the air was what 16! riders had on a rollercoaster ride to peaslake in the Surrey Hills.

It was superb riding which included a few of lung busting climbs as well as some eye watering descents, and of course some swooping, twisting singletrack.
With the leaf litter lying thick it added an extra dimension to many of the trails.

To Wiston (provisionally!) led by James

Well, I think it’s safe to say that the first few miles of today’s Club Run was the most eventful ever!
When I got out of bed this morning, I awoke to a bitterly cold, frosty morning and the temperature outside didn’t really increase by the time I met the hardened Redhill riders waiting for me at the Angel. The group included Nick, Ben, Graham, Gavin, Andrew and Allan.

The Plough, Dormansland to Cowden led by Paul

Bright sunshirne and a heavy frost! Perhaps the mud will be frozen -
such luck!

Eighteen hardy riders departed from the Plough Car Park in Dormansland
route to Cowden in Kent.

This was a new route with a new leader and it offered a bit of
everything -
steep, loose slopes, think woodland, long downhills, fabulous
mince pies and the promise of a tea stop next time!

To Ellen's Green led by Mike C

etting out from The Angel at 9.30 on a reasonble morning, a little bit of
mist in places but no noticeable wind, five intreped riders ventured out
into the unknown!!! Those riders being,
myself ( Mick Conway), Frank Grainger, Jaqui Philips, Cris Tyler, and big
Nick, who`s surname escapes me. Nick is soon to take over The Plough pub
at St. johns, I`m not sure if thats in Redhill or
Newfoundland. Well we set out for Ellens Green and every thing quite went
well, although Weare St. was a bit slippery with wet leaves, Cris was on