Sunday Steady 22-10

Destination: Virginia Water. 72 miles (+ 5m optional round the park), 3,000 feet flattish profile (just Bagden Hill before Polesden Lacey and Crocknorth Road after East Horseley on the return). Return ETA Drome 15:00 - 15:30.

RCC Ranmore 9 Sept 2017

Welcoming Mark to the RCC, I led the MTB EXP ride out of Westcott to work the flanks of Ranmore. Generally pretty good going allowed for a fairly full-on itinerary, comprising:
Grievous Angel, Flinty Badman, Bat Run, Rice'n Beans, Ripped Van Winkle, Jam Jar, Wire'n Blood, AbbaZabba, Blind Terror, Reformation and Numbskull; finished off with the all-important tea and cake sitting in the beautiful sunshine back in Westcott.
David Mc