Experienced Friston with Lee T

It's that time of year again where we might have had enough dry weather to venture down to Friston. Lee our Friston expert has said it is ready so lets go. Expect a fair amount of climbing with some of the best downhill single track the south coast has to offer. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Tea stop at the end on this one.

There is a carpark charge so bring some change (it was about £3 no notes excepted)



The Rise (and Fall) of the Troy: Experienced Big D Ride

This report needs to start with a thanks and explanation; I am trying to line up my 250th parkrun with my 13 yr old nephew’s 50th, so needed to get a parkrun in as well as this ride, hence the requirement to meet near the Priory, so I could (just about) fit them both in. 

So, with parkrun done, I rolled up to the Flanchford road car park nearly 10 mins late hoping no one would notice, to find 15 people ready to roll. Awesome! A brand new Devinci Troy under me, brilliant warm sunshine over us and dusty trails, lets do it!