Experienced Bury Hill with Lee T

Lee will be leading out from the carpark at Bury Hill, on to the South Downs and making his way over towards Arundel for the tea stop. Lee will then be taken us “Back to Basics!!!” Now wether that’s a trail or a style you will have to be there to find out! Expect a good paced xc ride with a few technical singletrack trails thrown in for fun.

Dropped pin
near Unnamed Road, Arundel BN18 9FD


Experienced Rogate with lee T and Phil C

Lee and Phil are going down to Rogate DH for a fun technical skills practice session on the available trails. Lee might be persuaded to organise a small jump or race competition if you fancy your chances!

You will need to take your own food and drink

Rogate Downhill
Coombe Hill, Rogate GU31 5DL
0844 736 8451