Helen’s Wotton Wander

By Jim Jones
Monday, May 6, 2019 - 12:53
jim.jones's picture

It was a bright but chilly day as 8 of us headed out of the Wotton car park.  Instead of turning south we headed north, to complete a 21 mile XC loop to revisit trials and routes we haven’t done for a very long time as a group. We headed down to Westcott and along The Roughs, past the bright yellow fields of rape and through the blue bell woods, before taking a right turn over the fields to a rather cheeky little uphill to the top of the North Downs. As the name suggests it was at this stage, as we slowly climbed the hill, that  ‘Ebike Mike’ became the obvious choice for official ride photographer.


After a suitable rest at the top, and removal of some layers, we sped our way to St Martha’s Mount where the trails became a little more sandy and thus brought another element to the trails. After another rather cheeky climb, we headed down the flowing sandy then rocky single track that takes us in the direction of the  heathlands of the Blackheath area.  After a pleasant ride across Blackheath, we decided tea beckoned so took the more direct route across the fields to see Trudy at the village stores.


For the return trip the group split ‘Ebike Mike’ went up over  Leith Hill to summer lightning getting back to Wotton a few minutes before the rest of us who had taken the lower route.