Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 13:30

Basic Maintenance course



Frank Grainger


A basic  get you home course for things that can go wrong whilst on the road, the most important being correct procedure for puncture repair.

Sarah commented “having been cycling with redhill for the past 7 years i thought it was high time i learnt to fix my own puncture. frank ran a very personal course giving hands on step by step instruction on how to change an inner tube. we were able to pratice the whole thing from start to finish and i now feel confident enough to cycle on my own and not worry about having a puncture. i highly recommend spending an hour with frank if you are not able to change an inner tube "

And from Dzana"Just a quick note to say thank you Frank for giving your time and organising puncture course few weeks ago. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanted to learn how to fix a puncture, adjust brakes and keep a bike in good working order..."