Monday, July 23, 2018 - 19:30

Advanced Bike Maintenance Course #3



Our maintenance courses will take place at 7.30pm on a series of dates in July and August. To join this one, please click 'I'm interested'. If you see six names there already, it is full.
On the night PLEASE BRING £10 - it will be held in the Club Room on the 1st floor at Redhill Aerodrome. 
The content of this series will be entitled “So you want to understand your bike and work on it competently” and I expect to be run in two parts
Part 1
      1. Necessary tools for any bike  mechanic
      2. Essentials of a bike service
      3. What to look for, how to identify the faults and how to rectify them
      4. The session will look at all the running mechanisms, the wear and tear you can expect and how to make adjustments
        1. Chains
          • Checking wear
          • Cleaning
          • Breaking and rejoining
        2. Cassettes
          • Checking Wear
          • Stripping Down
          • Changing rings
        3. Derailleur
          • Indexing
          • Adjusting cable tension
          • Hanger
        4. Brakes
          • Checking for wear
          • Adjusting for correct position on the rim
        5. Wheels
          • Alignment/Truing
          • Bearings
Part 2. Further details will follow but will deal with the following main topics
  1. Head sets
  2. Bottom brackets
  3. Hydraulics and cables
  4. Cranks
  5. Pedals
  6. Anything we’ve forgotten!
People are free to bring their bikes along so that they can ask specific questions.
Cost is £10 per person and the session will last 2 hours. 


Redhill Aerodrome