Saturday, 31 December 2016

MTB Intermediate 31st Dec

MTB Intermediate 31st Dec
By Stuart Banfield
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 16:17
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Last ride of the year.  I choose a local statring point from the Tea Hut on Epsom Downs and being local left it almost too late to leave home and start the ride (I arrived at 09:29:59 - at least by my watch!).

We set off across the Epsom Downs golf course then back round the grandstand.  I usually don't go to Epsom Downs due to the racehorses execising on a Saturday and sure enough we met a load of the skittish creatures on a fireroad and had to make a small detour.

Up the bridleway at Downs Way (I don;t know if it's called that, but it parrallels the road called Downs Way) into Walton and then Tadworth, then down into Kindswood via lots of linked paths and bridleways.  From there over and up to Reigate Hill, today our half way point rather than a start for a quick stop.

Most of the way home was a nice downhill back to Epsom Downs with a couple of climbs.  Majority of the ride was inside the M25 which I quite like as a testament to the green belt we have.  Not too long or a fast pace due to the fact most were off out that night and didn't want to be the one falling asleep on the sofa at 11:30!