Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Two...three...four... ROCK (on a turbo)

Small but perfectly formed RCC team at Rock Turbo 06-03-12
By Adrian Webb
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 18:05
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Redados were a brilliant band. The lead singer for all his hard-rock locks knew all about sprinting for the cafe on club runs... and the band were perfectly attuned to doing 30 second sprint bursts where the cadence had to match the superfast tempo they were setting.

For RCC's team of four, Rupert provided the big watts pushing a big gear, low cadence, high resistance for the full hour while Kimberly, Rachel and Maria were united in showing superb effort and event spirit.

Closer to the front Addiscombe and Norwood Paragon were out in numbers generating huge amounts of heat to match the band's noise.

It's the sort of night when turbo training becomes genuinely fun and even for yours truly sitting it out with a bad back, I wished I was taking part rather than just taking pictures.

There are plans to increase numbers to 200 next year and perhaps do it at one of the bike shows... but in summary, this is one not to miss!


To see pictures of the evening click here.