Saturday, 5 February 2005

Reigate Hill to Box Hill

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Saturday, February 5, 2005 - 00:00
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Mark lead 17 riders from Reigate Hill Car Park on a dry, overcast day. He took us over Walton Heath to Headley Heath, where he had worked out a cunning new route. While going up and down, it avoided the steepest climbs, eventually bring us out on Mill Way opposite Tumber Lane. A short way along the lane, a bridle path on the left links up with the path onto Mickleham Downs.

As we approached the open downs, there was a thundering of hooves; a riderless horse came charging up and stopped just short of the lead riders. Mark dismounted and managed to get hold of its reins. Fran then took over, patting and talking to the horse while it calmed down. Simon went in search of the owner, whom he eventually found. Having reunited horse and rider, we continued over the Downs, down the chalk path, along the road and up to Box Hill for tea.

At the foot of Box Hill, Susan and Barry left us. After tea, the rest of us split into a fast group, lead by Geoff, and a slower group which returned to Box Hill without further incident.

Again a good ride over familiar paths, with a new route over Headley Heath; the weather was kind to us and the paths had surprisingly little mud considering the season.