Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Course Record Broken on Fast Night for All

Matt... so nearly the course record!
By Adrian Webb
Friday, May 13, 2016 - 10:43
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The heavy rain during the day may have put a few riders off - only 14 signed on vs the 24 last week - but those who no-showed would have missed out on one of the best nights for a fast time. 


It appeared last week that RCC's in-form TT star Matt Peel would have trouble shaving a Rizla paper's width sliver from his time at the opener and that he would have already put himself out of the handicap contention early....  However, despite recovering from a bug he cut 45 seconds off last week and recorded a 19:07.


This would have had corks popping for a new course record but for the fact that the ever-likeable Keith Lea of Paceline RT smashed the course record into small pieces with an astonishing 18:48. To put that into context it required him to hold an average over 28mph for nearly nine miles. The previous record holder was Ben Instone, who many of you with the club since the turn of the decade will remember.  


Keith - modest as ever - put it down to his ability to remain very aero and I have to say, watching him pass twice at over 30mph he was an object lesson in compact economy of movement. Lovely stuff... and every RCC rider from last week improved their time, while Steve White, a long time RCC member who hasn't ridden a  TT for years comes up with a 22:52! Inspiration. 


Among other contenders, there was a strong showing from Oxted CC again with their Chris Filewood recording a time that flags how a TT and a pointy helmet could well have him challenging the scratch guys.


Thanks on the night go to Jonny Bradbourne for timing. Chairman, Adrian, pushed off and took photos which are available for use by the participating riders here:



#    Name (Club).   

1    Keith Lea (Paceline RT) 18:48.4

2    Matt Peel (RCC) 19:07.3

3    Chris Filewood (Oxted) 19:51.4

4    Simon Baldwin (RCC) 21:33.9

5    Steve White (RCC) 22:19.6

6    Sam Cottingham (Oxted CC) 22:45.8

7    Will Henton (RCC) 22:49.0

8    Rupert Greatwood (Tri-Surrey) 22:58.0

9   Phil Clarke 23:09.8

10   Guilherme Svizzero (Tri-Surrey) 25:06.6

11   Michael Fraser 25:37.3

12   Andrew Murray (RCC) 25:45.8

13   Malcolm Bainbridge (RCC) 27:31.2

14   Aimee Hobbs (Oxted CC) 34:39.0