Saturday, 13 June 2015

Midge Bites!

Nick 13/06
By Colin Morgan
Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 22:53
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On a surprisingly damp start to a summer morning in the surrey hills, nine of us turned up for a trip from Leith Hill to Peaslake and back with plenty of singletrack along the way.
First to get a puncture was me, before I even got the bike out of the car in fact. Swiftly fixed we set off only a couple of minutes late. It was good to see Alan joining us for the ride, the very man who lead the first ever Redhill CC ride I went on some 4 years ago, and I hadn't seen him since. Until today that is!
Next to get a puncture was Graham. He managed to pick up a rather large piece of lead just before the first stretch of singletrack. This was also swiftly fixed as the midges were attacking in swarms.
So on to the first stretch of trail, the famous Summer Lightning. With a dose of rain overnight to hold the dirt together, it was running fast and fun. This was followed by a blast along the high ashes bridleway and into Holmbury St Mary. Here we climbed Holmbury Hill for a run down Reservoir Dogs and BKB. As we were making good time we decided to head up the horrifically steep Gasson Farm climb on to Pitch Hill. With two trails to choose from I took a vote, berms trumped jumps this time so we took off down Curly Wurly (I'm not making this up!). And one last trail, Supernova, before the tea stop at Peaslake.
After Pork and Leak Slices/Cheese Straws/Bakewell Tarts/Flapjacks/etc we made our way up to Holmbury Hill once more for a run down Yogurt Pots, and one of my personal favourites, Woof! Back along the High Ashes bridleway and the most direct route up to Leith Hill tower for our final slice of singletrack trail goodness, the top half of Summer Lightning into Regurgitator. Finishing at the pub it was a perfect mornings ride. Cheers to everyone who came along and I hope people aren't suffering to much itching from midge bites.