Who's Sue?
23 of Redhills finest Elite riders turned up at Woldingham station looking for something new and a bit of fun!
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Saturday, March 31, 2012 - 20:55

23 of Redhills finest Elite riders turned up at Woldingham station looking for something new and a bit of fun!

I thought they had all turned up for the wrong ride!!! But could possibly throw in a bit of fun. Mat had put this one down as an experienced ride so thought I would make sure there were a few good climbs on the way- we headed off towards Warren Barn Farm for our first hill climb of the day. Everyone was on the pace and before you knew it we were at the top, all feeling fresh and begging for more!

A short bit of road took us to the top of Titsey Hill for a fast, long run down . Leading the pack, we took this at speeds that would impress most XC racers!! Smiles all round at the bottom and comments “I’d love to do that again”!; brought on a plan… so I took a detour and turned right at Pitchfont lane, ‘yes’ we were going back up but kept it quiet until we hit the plantation, these boys (and girls!- Ed) are the Elite they can handle it! And ‘yes’, not one walker amongst them. This long climb was rewarded by another descent down the fun section but now they all knew the route so there were no excuses. I headed off first to take some photos but decided to take a video at a very rooty section. Only a few foot plants and one bottom, back, shoulders and head plant!! Mike you may not want to look away! No animals were hurt whilst making this video!!!

We headed towards Oxted, through Andrews Wood, Round Wood and up to Jackass Lane. At this point some were getting hot and tired so Daz dropped out as the extra miles from Redhill were taking their toll, and Mark H was getting hot, so off came the chest plate!!!
We headed up to flower wood for our last big climb before our tea stop at Woldingham Knights.

With 18 miles on the clock the tea and cake tasted good but not as good as the price! The stop gave me a chance to phone Daz to check he was okay, also to take the mick and to remind him that this was an experienced ride after all and maybe he should do a few more social rides first…haha! Sorry Daz could not resist it.
Everyone was enjoying their refreshments except for Mat who was still waiting for his as the waitress holding a tray of tea and cake kept shouting for Sue? Who’s Sue? Mat Swan that’s who! She thought his name was Sue? Think he looks more like a Tracy!
After our tea the group shrunk to 11 but that’s what you get with a late tea stop which is so close to the start of the ride and you can see your car! Also many cycled from Reigate Hill so had already covered a few miles.

So an Elite 11 headed up to Woldingham golf course over the top and towards Farleigh with a nice descent through Frith Wood ending at Featherbed Lane. As the group was only 11 the pace was quick and the climb up Crab Wood gave the legs a good workout. We reached Limpsfield Road where Phil Smoker departed and with the end in sight we took a blast down High Lane.

28 Miles on the clock with some good climbs, trails in good condition and with good company, hope you all had fun, I know I did.


Ps. On another note is that Simon Worth on the front cover of May’s issue of MBR?!!!

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