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Burbidge Podium and BAR

Thumbs up from Rupert
By GeoffClifton
Sunday, September 4, 2011 - 17:28
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Rounding off a very successful TT season Rupert Burbidge finished in 52m43s for 3rd place on the SCCU 25 mile Time Trial to take a Best Allrounder win(based on 25, 50 and 100 miles) and become Redhill 25m club champion once again.

Given the plight of no less than 3 Redhill riders who had a variety of calamities putting them out of the race (Alan Miles, Ray Sullivan and Nick Davy) Rupert was delighted to finish in such a strong position.

Other scratch times were
Simon Powell 58m56s,
Jonny Bradbourne, 1h 0m 49s,
Nathan Chamberlain 1h 1m 10s,
Ian Leeding 1h 2m 12s,
Geoff Clifton 1h 2m 31s
Richard Bailey 1h 13m 31s

With a score of 45m 54s Ian Leeding was fastest on handicap and picks up the Pan Trophy for 2011

Big thank you to John Eg and Rupert's colleague Eva for providing our marshalling contingent on such as busy day in teh Redhill CC Calendar