Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Leader, new tea stop

Tadworth 16-04-11
By Michael Ormerod
Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 19:29
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This was the first time I had lead a G2 ride. I was determined to find a tea stop and route that was not Four Elms! Finally I settled on the Chalet Bakery in Tadworth. Highly recommended. Ok, so the route is a bit hilly for G2 but it is good to try some different.

Hedley England writes:

A great ride was had by all with Mike leading the G2. Eight brave souls left Woodhatch in overcast weather, for a 47 mile ride. Before we set off, Mike announced that as he had been ill for a couple of weeks, he wouldn’t be going too fast. Cruising as the back marker at a steady but somewhat swift G2 pace down Lonesome Lane moments later, I wondered how fast Mike goes when he isn’t ill.

Our route took us on a new adventure southwards via Charlwood, Rusper, then north to Newdigate, and then just before we skirted around Dorking, one of our riders peeled off to the right. Apparently, so the rumour goes, he was under strict orders from the wife to go shopping, or else. We continued to Mickleham, and then a long and gradual climb along quiet lanes to Headley, under the M25 and then along tracks until, still climbing in the now sunny weather in wooded and rolling farmland, Epsom Racecourse gradually came into view. We continued along the busy and built up roads to our tea stop in Tadworth, and sat outside at a table and re-fuelled on tea, coffee and cakes. Mike then displayed his legendary chat-up skills to ask a strange woman to take our group photo.

The shorter ride back to Redhill was mainly a long and endless climb for a while after Kingswood, until we raced down quiet lanes to pass under the M25 again, the edge of Gatton Park, and then turned right at the A23 and headed for Redhill, where we all split up to go home.