Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Mixed and Fun Ride for the G1s

The G1 riders head for the lanes
By Adrian Webb
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 07:44
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Saturday was warm and sunny so it was fabulous to be greeted with a good mixed G1 Group when I arrived at Woodhatch Park.

Rick was back after a recent tumble looking healthy and fully recovered - Welcome back! Sally was on her first time out with Redhill and Lynne - with a lovely new bike - a keen mountain biker now enjoying road riding. Last, but by no means least,  George and Alex both aged 12 and keen cyclists, perhaps our racers of the future, out with their parents to enjoy cycling!!

Chris led us out down lonesome lane for a fairly flat route only stopping when a wasp flew up poor George's shorts and stung him three times. Ouch!! Well done George for being so brave and thanks to Lynne who pulled out some sting cream from her Tardis bag. We then set off for a coffee and fully restored headed back to Woodhatch Park with 23 miles covered.

Thanks to Chris for doing a brilliant job as ever leading us round the lanes and to all riders who rode together, as a team, safely looking after each other. I was so impressed with the boys (and the girls) hope to see you all back soon.