Sunday, 13 June 2010

Four to the power of 40

None shall pass - the 18.9mph gang
By Adrian Webb
Monday, June 14, 2010 - 07:46
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The advertised ride promised 'back by lunch'. With a fair few riders at Woodhatch Park, most set off for Mike O's ride and in the end, three Poms  -Pete, Martin and Mike - plus Aussie triathlete Dave who'd come over from East Grinstead and was joining for the first time managed such a scorching pace over 40m (by the time we'd all got back home again!) that we were nearly back for elevenses!


The route was a familiar one out towards Penshurst but turning back at Edenbridge through Lingfield and then the quick Newchapel Road and Bones Lane route home.

Mike was on his usual scorching form leading the pace and Dave hit the front once or twice too to show his fitness.

Unfortunately, no camera so there was every prospect of Martin having to get his crayons out and draw something but then we met a lonely Chairman on New Barn Lane who was headed off to do a few late morning circuits of the Horne TT course. It gave  us the chance to stop for a breather and the attached photo.

In the end over 40m at 18.9mph average. The fastest a few of us had ever managed over that distance and if we'd have taken our sunglasses off you'd see it in our eyes. Knackered but very chuffed.


Thanks all for a super ride,


Pete 'Marmite' Mortimer