Sunday, 3 January 2010

Plain crazy

Frozen Plain
By Alex
Friday, January 15, 2010 - 11:25
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I kick started the new year with almost 1000 other mountain bikers in a cold crisp way on Salisbury Plain.

In almost perfect conditions -1C the sky was blue, the trails were frozen and firm and not too slippery, the atmosphere was buzzing and friendly.

The 50K riders set off at 10am, followed by me 10 mins late. (The drive was a bit slower than expected) I soon warmed up as i gave chase to the hordes.

Being a Plain you expect it to be flat.... its not. Lots of hills with frosty slopes and inevitably back up again (a couple of times!).

As the routes progressed in an anti-clockwise loop across the Plain, we went through the deserted village of Imber, now like a ghost-village and used solely for the purposes of military training, then turning into the bitter wind for the return to Erlestoke, the final challenge being the last long climb just a couple of miles from the finish line.

I did contact a few other redhill riders but none seemed keen to venture out. Next time ?