Sunday, 9 March 2008

Back on the road again.

Club ride 09/03/2008 at Cranleigh.
By RCC Administrator
Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 20:30
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After four weeks enforced absence from cycling it was good to be back on the bike and as the YMCA were holding a training ride to Cranleigh it seemed like a good idea to join up with them at some point.
As their ride started from Earlswood 30 minutes after our start from Woodhatch I put in a 20k loop to coincide with what I anticipated would be their start time of 9.45 as they rarely start on time. However I had not allowed for their reasonably on time start or our arriving a bit late which meant the six of us playing catch up on the route of Leigh, Newdigate, Capel and on to Ellens Green. Of Our group Steve as always was setting the pace with Jim, Andy and new member Rob whilst Barbara and I were quite content to ride along at our own pace whilst keeping them well in sight. Needles to say we were a lot slower than the riders racing in the Hard Riders going in the opposite direction between Leigh and Newdigate.
Approaching Cranleigh from Cox Green we came across the main group who had stopped to attend to a puncture and we decided to carry on to the tea stop just up the road.
The YMCA group consisted of fourteen riders who were assisted by Redhill CC members Mike Ormerod and Jacquie Phillips. As well as other members along for the ride. One of whom Nick Curran had also punctured big time with a split in the outer casing which we mended with the help of an empty drink sachet.
The return route is fairly direct and the augmented group was soon strung out as various riders obviously wanted to get back quickly. My recuperative ride of 57 miles was completed at an average speed of about 16.5mph and with no adverse effects. Now I must finish putting my posy bike together, then I can really start flying—I wish.