Sunday, 17 April 2005

To Wisborough Green

By RCC Administrator
Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 01:00
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Seven of us gathered at the Angel. I offered a choice of rides; either an 85 mile round trip to Seale or a shorter ride to Wisborough Green. The overwhelming majority was for the shorter trip.

We rode at a leisurely pace in the April sunshine, stopping for Billy to repair a flat. The route took us to Cranleigh via Forest Green, Dunsfold, Plaistow, Kirdford to Wisborough Green. Frank turned off fairly early so just six of us arrived at the tea shop. The average speed on the way out was about 23 kmph.

The tea break was equally leisurely. Mario and André spent a good 20 minutes comparing tracks on their I-pods. After a group photograph, we started for home by a more direct route via Drungewick Lane, Baynards Road, Ellens Green and Weare Street.

I do not whether André had a special ingredient in his ham salad or whether the tune in his I-pod had the right rhythm but he led out with Mario at a good brisk pace. The rest of us were happy to tuck in behind. He eased off when we reached Capel but by then we had all caught the mood. The pace slowly increased as we took it in turns to lead out. We flew along from Newdigate to Leigh before easing off slightly for the home run. On the return we averaged about 27 kmph (17 mph).

The total ride was about 60 miles; with a good tea stop, we were still back to watch the last 70 minutes of the FA Cup semi-final.