Saturday, 22 January 2005

To Peaslake

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Saturday, January 22, 2005 - 00:00
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Despite the back of the group becoming occasionally detached from the rest, it was a very enjoyable ride in cold but sunny conditions. I have not attached Micks GPS profile and map of the ride to this report as it is a large file but you will be able to access it on our web site together with a copy of the ride report.

This coming Saturdays ride is at 9.30 from Reigate Hill and will be led by Gareth.

'The forecast rain did not materialise last Saturday - instead 10 of us met
on a crisp, cold morning to follow some of the trail devised by Evans for
the previous week's event. We welcomed 2 new faces, Paul and Richard, both
experienced riders.

The route involves more road than we usually tackle round the Leith Hill
area, but makes up for this in the fierceness of the gradients met. Our
first challenge was on the A25 heading west to our initial off-road stretch.
The second was along the single track road up to Broadmoor, and the third an
impossible off-road climb to the near summit of Leith Hill which defeated us
all (though Dave Ricketts made two thirds of it!). It was at this point that
Christian offered money to stop.

We pressed on tracing a path along the northern flanks of the Hill, skirting
round Friday Street and enjoying some downhill stretches to Holmbury St
Mary. We took the trail at the Royal Oak southwards and up the flanks of
Holmbury Hill; as we turned back down the hill to follow the Evans route we
missed the left turn. There were a few moments of dithering whilst we
climbed up and down the hill, but Graham, our back marker, sorted us out and
led us down to the ponds at the bottom. On the way Frank was surprised by a
sudden drop off, but there was no damage done to either himself or his bike.

We left the Evans trail here to follow the bridleway to Peaslake and tea.
The paths to this point had dried out considerably since the previous week,
but we found ourselves paddling ankle and axel deep in a quagmire.

At the Peaslake posh shop, Peter was waiting for us, having confused the
windmill of Outwood with the church of Westcott. After stoking up with tea
and cake, we took the familiar route home via Rad Lane and Abinger Roughs.
Well - it's familiar to me. At the A25, I lost Graham and Frank who were
held up by the traffic. To lose one eminent member of Redhill CC is
unfortunate, to lose two could be considered downright careless. Perhaps I
should hang up my leaders hat now!

All 11 of us did make it back to Westcott at around the same time. The
weather was good to us, we suffered no punctures and the trail had been
fairly challenging. Hope to see Richard and Paul again.'