Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 13:30

Redhill CC Road Race


Phil Jemmison


Redhill Cycling Club promotes a new road race for Elite to third categories.  This is a National B in Band 2.


The race will cover eight laps plus 5km of the Norwood Hill circuit:


A generous cash and/or cycle shop sponsor voucher prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st - £140 plus two seats at the next club prize evening

2nd - £55

3rd - £50

4th - £45

5th - £40

6th - £35

7th - £30

8th - £25

9th - £20

10th - £15

Best placed 2nd or 3rd cat rider - £15

Primes - end of lap 1, and penultimate lap - £15 each


Enter via British Cycling at (post/cheque entries are not permitted):


The HQ is: Leigh Village Hall, Bunce Common Road, Leigh, Surrey, RH2 8NP


The organiser to select the field and unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund.


For more information contact Phil Jemmison -


Leigh Village Hall